The department is well equipped with latest high end servers and 180 nodes. There are 80 dual boot computers supporting Windows and Linux Operating System, 20 with TFT monitors. Department takes care of whole campus networking along with Internet connection. The whole of BTL campus is connected with OFC and internally with Cat6 cabling and latest Gigabytemanaged switches.

The department is having spacious and well-equipped laboratories.Under Graduate and Post graduate Course Details of Laboratories is as below:

UG Labs:

  • Networking Lab – to provide facilities to work with latest software packages including Networking software design and Simulation software.
  • Project Lab – equipped with high-end systems and software required for the development of projects.
  • Microprocessor Lab – Provides access to various tools and kits for personal computers interfaced with real time devices such as, Floppy disk drive trainer, Printer trainer and SMPS trainer modules.
  • SS & CD Lab – helps to understand the concepts of compiler using tools namely Lex and Yacc and also provides facilities to develop system programs (Shell Programming) related to the various phases of compiler.
  • OOPs Lab – helps students to understand the various OOPs concepts using C++ which includes Data Abstraction, Polymorphism and Inheritance etc.
  • ADA Lab – enables the students to implement several algorithms including sorting techniques, searching, string processing, Graph problems etc. and the time efficiency analysis.
  • CCP Lab – helps to explore MS-Office tools and also C- programming principles.
  • EC&LD Lab – is equipped with PSPICE and MODELSIM simulation software to demonstrate various electronic circuits and logic design concepts.
  • CG Lab – covers such topics as modeling and rendering, interaction techniques, dialogue design, user interface using Microsoft Visual C++ and Open GL, a and suitable Graphics package to implement the skills learnt.
  • DBMS Lab – helps to develop database related applications to solve simple problems using Oracle, MySql and other databases.
  • Research Lab and PG Teaching Lab are also Developed
  • Total Instructional Area:1100Sqmts.
  • Number of Computers 180
  • Number of Printers : 18
  • All Computers connected to Center Networking System
  • Central server room houses e-Mails server,Domain server,Proxy Server Firewall Server Etc..
  • All Labs have UPS Backing of 120 Minutes.
  • Department manages central server center with 30 nodes
  • Established student chapter and publishing quarterly department journals.
  • Staff Student Ratio:1:16