VTU has recognized the following departments as research centers

  • Department of Computer Science Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Department of Chemistry

Candidates can register for Ph.d & m.s in these research centers

Recognizing the importance of “Research and Development” for improvement in the quality of our students and the faculty, an R&D Cell headed by the Dean (R & D) has been established. All the departments have been encouraged to have In-House Student Projects for the final year student so that research tempo and atmosphere is built up over a period of time.

Following In-House Student Projects with research content have been completed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Flow Field Around Multiple Cylinders – A Flow Visualization Study (This has been carried out using the Flow Visualization Facility).
Design and Fabrication of Apparatus to Analyze the Effect of Suppressor on Vortex Formation while Draining from a Cylindrical Tank.Multi-purpose Pedal Operated Mobile Oven.
Conversion of Kinetic Energy of Moving Person into Electrical Energy.

Research project sanctioned under the VTU Research Grant Scheme:

A Research project on Experimental and Computational study of Flow Through Baffles was sanctioned by VTU Research grant scheme for which Dr.B.H. Lakshmana Gowda was the PT and Mr. Srinivas