The Main Library is located at the heart of the college campus which is quite conducive to a peaceful study environment .It spreads over a total area of 540 sqm.

The Library maintains an estimable record of all the necessary books, references , magazines etc. that an engineering student requires during his/her course. Each student is provided with an appropriate Library Membership Card that is to be used for all transactions done at the Library. Students are expected to take responsibility of the borrowed books and abide by the rules/regulations.

There are a total of 6692 titles, 19682 books and (24+11) journals (both national/international).

Digital Library
Books 27682
Journals 38
National Journals 24
International 14
E-Journals 4560
Bound Volumes 274
Multimedia CDs 235
News papers and Magazines
Computer Science and Information Science Engineering.
Volumes 6866
Titles 2029
Refrences 2109
Electronics and Communication Engg
Volumes 5338
Titles 1633
Refrences 1329
Mechanical Engineering
Volumes 4897
Titles 1781
Refrences 1080
M.Tech Titles Volumes Refrences
Computer Science 130 360 110
Electronics & Communications 138 345 110
Mechanical Engineering 102 260 142


There is a separate Reference Section in the Library. Project Submissions of all the students (ex/current) are maintained here for future availability.

Daily newspapers are easily accessible at the news desk in the Library.

The Library remains opens from 8.00AM to 6.00PM on all working days of the college calendar.There is also a Digital Library within the premises of the Main Library. It is equipped with seven computers. A photo copy machine is available for the students

Services / Facilites

  • Bibliographic services
  • Digital Library services
  • Reference Services
  • Circulation Services
  • OPAC Services
  • Internet Facilities
  • Reservation Services
  • Book Bank Services
  • Photocopy Services

Contact Librarian:

Sri. Parameshwarappa V.
Mobile : 9964337624